Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Shackelton

One area i am passonate about is aviation photography, i have been interested in all things that fly since an early age. I lived near an international airport and the factory that built the Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, so i had a lot to keep my weekends busy .

When i got into photography this was the area i enjoyed most, and spent many happy years photographing aircraft like the mighty Avro Shackelton. these were built and tested at the Avro factory at Woodford. When these aircraft retired from service in the late 80s i was lucky enough to see a 4 ship flypast of their woodford birthplace an unforgetable sight and the wonderful sound of the Rolls Royce Griffon engines driving the two sets of contrarotating props on each of the 4 engines.....

These next 2 shots are of Shackelton AEW 2 , these aircraft served as airbourne early warning platforms keeping our airspace safe from intruding  Tupolev TU 95 Bear bombers at the height of the cold war.

It is now enjoying it's twilight years in the Museum of science and industry in manchester.....

This view is from the tail section looking forward , to give you an idea of the length of this aircraft.

I hope you are enjoying these  pics so far....

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